Its over – facebook, please end it!

We, as everyone has come to known, is over. Its no more. Jack and Jill, Romeo and Juliet, Ben-nifer (lol) are no longer. Our names will never show up next to each other’s, nor joined by the “and” word.

Now… if only he can just un-relationship me on facebook….

I’ve been waiting for him to do it. But its been over 2 weeks, and its still listing us as a couple. I feel that this is unfinished business. I’m not sure … but I think I really want to end this “facebook” part of it, too.

Can I? Or is it his call? Since he was the one who wanted the break up? Since the cheating was on his part? Since he was the one who broke my heart? Do I get to un-relationship us? Or is that also his call?

I feel like… a puppet~ Do I have a choice? Do I have a say?

I’m usually so opinionated and outspoken, but suddenly, my voice is gone, my throat is hoarse. My words are broken. I open my mouth, but nothing comes out.


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