Does age = maturity?

Do these things actually relate in any correlation or equation!?!?

My ex is 28…. but that doesn’t seem to mean squat…

My friend said of a guy that’s 26 that he is more stable and mature and knows more about what he wants and what he’s doing…. But… is it because of age? Or is it because of personality? upbringing? environment? circumstances?

Does age have ANYTHING to do with it… AT ALL!?

Because the last time I checked, my “28” year old boyfriend definitely was not thinking and acting like a 28 year old… if that means anything at all.

What does a “28 year old” look like/act like anyway!?

We can say he’s an exception.. but is that really accurate? Can we really just attribute it to exception every time we find a person that acts out of their “age”? Or perhaps we just need to admit that perhaps this “age” thing that we seem to care so much about really is nothing more than the recording of the time from when your mother had excruciating pain and when you started to “live” on this earth. That’s all it is. The age of a human, the age of a fossil, it just records how long you’ve been here. There is no direct correlation on their maturity, their thoughts, their anything.


3 thoughts on “Does age = maturity?

  1. Age is just a number! Well, actually, I think maturity does correlate with age a little bit, but ONLY because age tends to correlate with experience. Maturity, I think, involves how you act/respond in certain situations, which you learn from growth/understanding in past experiences.

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