Love is so heartbreaking

What is wrong with summer?!

It used to be all about summer flings! Now its all about summer breakups! I have a bit more than a handful of friends going through rough times in their love life. Break ups, cheating, going on breaks, rocky relationships…

I feel that everytime I hear another sad story, my heart goes out to them. I wish so much that I can share my pain and hurt but also my healing and my peace with them. As I hear these stories, I understand why “love” is such a big issue in the world. Our movies, our songs, our magazines, etc… they all talk about it or talk around it.

I wish people weren’t mostly in heartbreak situations… but I find that most actually are. Its just that they’re usually not as obvious and sometimes they choose to pull their hats low over their eyes and stay inconspicuous. While the happy lovebirds are chirpy and happy and very attention-grabbing. But the same thing that causes them to be happy has cut deeply into the other men and women walking right by them. And sometimes, the seemingly happy couple bears battle wounds and deep scars from the war of love. This is crazy. This most beautiful thing in life has the sharpest and most painful thorns.

Everyone really IS fighting their own battle and mending their own wounds. Others more quietly than others. I wish they weren’t hurting. But I don’t know how to encourage and cheer them up, when I’m also limping and holding my own wounds.

Could we perhaps heal together?



One thought on “Love is so heartbreaking

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