So much, So fast

Its as if as soon as I admitted that he’s now my ex… people start asking me to go on dates.

Um… for realz!? (poor English, I know. Forgive me.)

I don’t know if I’m ready yet.

Isn’t this way too fast?

My friends all have different things to say about this:

Take things slow. Keep your options open. Don’t be too trusting. Don’t be too serious. Be casual. etc etc etc…

But, I never liked casual dating!! I always found it over-dramatic and annoying.

I feel like I’m carefully entering a jungle… is that even the right word to describe it? … the jungle of the singles’ playing field…  Is it more of a jungle? or a quiet open field? Green pastures? Loud and crowded beach?


One thought on “So much, So fast

  1. Loud and crowded beach, for sure. Haha, jk, I just thought that was a funny analogy. =P

    And yea, casual dating is a little weird / awkward…

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