Adventures at Franklin Institute

Today was great!

I scored my 25 kids a free private show at the Planatarium! 🙂 After a miscommunication, and then a bit of persistence on my end, we finally got them all in~ whew. Today was field trip day for my kids. They’re wonderful. So sweet. We took them out to Pietro’s after the museum for some dinner in the city. Some of them thanked us for dinner. Others just thanked us for taking them out. 🙂 Cuute. One kid ate 6 pieces of pizza, while letting his other table-mates starve with only 2-3 pieces (these are all growing high school boys though).

We went to see the Galileo Exhibit! I was so excited! Even though I didn’t really get a chance to finish the whole thing. Sigh, oh well. I had to run out for an emergency. Dear oh dear. Oh well. At least my kids had fun. I took a lot of pictures of them playing with many of the science exhibits. I also saw some guys and girls getting some “chemistry” on. Hahah. So sweet. So innocent. I wonder if there’s ever cheating in high school? I can’t remember anymore. And even if there were… would it still be as painful?

That brings us to another question: Better to have loved than never loved before. Really?


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