Uh oh

So… today, just the thought of entering into another relationship made me nauseous to the stomach. I wanted to vomit.

Oh dear. If this feeling doesn’t subside, I’ll be single and never have children for the rest of my life!

My friend says that its probably because it reminds me too much of what I had with my old boyfriend. I don’t know. Maybe? I have no idea. This puke-y feeling is weird.

I can’t believe it. I have an aversion to relationships. A physical aversion! I guess that’s good. Maybe its God’s way of protecting me from rebound relationships. Hahaha. That’s good. That’s one thing I’m terrified about. Rebounds. Those are the worst.  But this pukey feeling… its pretty bad, too. 😦 Go away, Pukey! I don’t like it when you’re in my stomach!


2 thoughts on “Uh oh

  1. 🙂 don’t worry! Everything will be alright! Puking hangover feeling will go away soon like it always does!

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