First day of class

Today is the first day of class for the high school 3-week intensive course. I’m really excited, but quite curious as well. Am I going to get a lot of little angels? or a lot of little demons? Hmm…

I’m up so early! I woke up at 7:10am! @_@

But it’s ok~ I’m really excited! I wonder what today will be like?

I hope my mind can be really focused on the class, and not wandering…


2 thoughts on “First day of class

  1. Good Luck!!!
    I’m the kids will love you as a teacher, so they’ll all be little angels. You might get a few hit ons ^.<
    I think I'd be excited to get such a cute teacher!!

  2. HAHA.. CRAP. I didn’t proofread before submitting comment…. >_<

    Good Luck!!!
    If I were the kids, I would love you as my cute, awesome teacher. I'm sure they'll be little angels and you might get a few numbers ^.<

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