Oh NJTranist. How I love and hate you. You’re very convenient and affordable, but you often run late and do crazy things on the way, like stop and sit in the middle of the tracks for no reason.

But Njtransit and I have had many many memories, both good and bad. I see the stops that I used to get off on to see my boyfriend. I see the parking lots where he used to park his car and load/unload my stuff. I see the platforms which he used to stand and wait for my (late) trains, in the freezing snow as well as in the soaking rain (with an umbrella ready for me) and in the scorching sun, sweating his butt off. Hm, I guess I will never have to take the train ever again.

I used to only take it, because there are no buses from Philly that stop in and around north Jersey. But in the future, I will probably only have to go directly to NYC. I can now just take the bus. The bus is actually faster and cheaper. But I never did it before, because then I was overshooting his house, and he would have to pay bridge tolls and get caught it chaotic city traffic in order to get into the city to pick me up and then return into NJ.

Oh, NJTransit. I think I’ll actually miss you. 😦 You had one of the best scenic routes and the friendliest conductors.


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