God’s Timing is PERFECT

As strange as it is, I starting to see how God’s timing is perfect for this break to happen now.

Next week, I’m about to teach a three week intensive science course for over achieving high school students. It starts Monday. I love science and I love kids. And I love teaching sciences to kids. So I’m actually really looking forward to it and excited for it to start! I think its great that there’s already something coming up to look forward to!

In the beginning of August, I have a family reunion in California, I love my family! They are so fun and loving! And I’ll also be able to see a lot of my close close friends from college who live wayyy out there in the wild wild west. (jk! please still let me stay at your house…!) So the timing is great! Not too long from today, I’ll be surrounded by family and friends that I’ve missed so much!

After the reunion, I’ll be coming back to teach at a Christian Youth Conference in NYC for 4 days. I only get to see these kids once every summer. So I’m very excited to see them again! And I’m helping to train the teachers this year, as I will be coordinating the Bible study materials and content. So leadership development is something I’m very interested in and really enjoy doing. And I always learn so much from these conferences myself! I’m always so blessed there! And I definately want to bless the kids there, too!

I think God’s timing is amazing… strange and awkwardly “coincidental” … but good. I can see God saying, “Don’t worry, leave the hurt and sorrow to me. I will comfort and heal your pain. I know you’re in pain, but you cannot just throw down everything else in your life and stop living. There’s still so much out there!” Its like He’s taking my heart and taking care of it, and carrying the heavy burdens and the heavy sadness for me. Its like He’s saying, “Continue forward. Leave the pain and sadness to me. I can overcome. I am victorious even over death. Continue in the things that you’ve been called for.

I resonate with what Paul saud: “Forgetting what is behing and straining toward what is ahead. I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” (Phil)


One thought on “God’s Timing is PERFECT

  1. Yea, God’s timing is always super-amazing. Sometimes it’s taken for granted, or not noticed until way way later, so it’s awesome that you recognize the timing right now as you’re going through it! =)

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