So last night, my friends took me to get some really yummy sushi at Yakitori Boy and we sang some karaoke.

I never noticed this before… but most songs are either about break ups or about endless love! and I’m talking about songs in every language! this is crazy!!! I used to just sing the songs with reading the words and singing to the tune, and not really thinking about the lyrics… or more like never really “feeling” the lyrics. Until last night, I suddenly noticed…

Did you know that Don’t Speak by No Doubt is a break up song?! I had no idea… And You Oughta Know by Alanis Morsette is also an angry break up song? As well as The Sign by Ace of Base. Probably the only few non break up songs were songs by Michael Jackson… like Black or White or something…. And then there is the sad songs of forever love like Mariah Carey’s One Sweet Day and Boyz II Men songs.

Which then a sad thought entered… my boyfriend would only sing Boyz II Men songs when we used to go karaoke. And I know he and the other girl went karaoke and he undoubtedly chose to sing their songs. Most of Boyz II Men songs are about endless love and etc, I wonder if when at the karaoke he really was singing his heart out to her with those lyrics?

eeks! Scary thought…. I should stop.

In summary, I think Karaoke is a great way to express extreme emotions as well as to let out any sadness or frustration. There is probably at least one song for any emotion that we can struggle with. With a mic in hand and a room full of friends that love you and support you and sing loudly with you, I think its a great way to sing your heart out. Its healthy, I think. Because we’re not avoiding it, we’re facing it.  Only caveat, if you start crying, you’ll have to stop singing. But if you’re like me, and you can’t stop singing cuz you just love it, then you’ll hold back tears in order to finish the song and get to the chorus or the bridge. I’ll even sing through a mouth full of sushi or when I’m ordering from the waiter if one of my beloved karaoke songs come up! 🙂

So sing your heart out at karaoke if you ever have a bad day or a heartache. Its impressively theraputic. Its also made me realize how many people have also gone through these emotions, or far worse ones. We can  stand with many people throughout history and transcending various cultures and languages as we sing the songs with shared emotion and mutual understanding. As one of my friends at karaoke says, anger and sadness make the best insipration for art.


2 thoughts on “Karaoke

  1. I love karaoke. Its the only thing that keeps me sane (alcohol also). And angry break up songs/ heartbreak songs are the best.

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