I think I’m starting to remember now


After talking to my college friend, I think I’m starting to remember my single life, the carefree, young, jumping around life. I think it helps, when I talk to my college friends. The silliness comes back. The trust and the youth and the hope, it all comes back.

Its so strange, I keep having to remind myself that I’m no longer dating him anymore. I keep seeing things, and thinking, Oh! we have to come here next time, or, Oh! we have to go see this or do that. Or I see the movie tickets that we haven’t used and the dinner voucher and gift cards that we haven’t used up yet. Because we were saving it… for a special occasion. Its like, dating was the natural state, and now, being apart is unnatural, so I have to keep reminding myself of this new concept.

But its ok. Because hopefully, sooner than later, being apart will no longer be the unnatural, but the natural again! 🙂

Someone told me its fun, someone told me its relaxing, someone told me its freeing. Hopefully, I’ll see all that soon! I can’t wait for that day, when my heart feels free again. No longer heavy, but light.


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