Mercies are new every morning

Hmm, the first thought I had this morning, is thankfulness that I slept! Since I lost sleep the night before.

Another interesting thought: God arranged this perfectly, so that as soon as I came back to Philly, I went to that meeting at church so I could ask the pastor my question about pain. And then from his wise answers, start drawing close to God and growing in my pain.

Another thought: I wondering if my boyfriend and the other girl is now super happily together, since they’ve finally got rid of me?


that’s probably not too good of a thought to have.

Time to go to work, 9am meeting~

wait, I should start referring him as an ex? That seems to harsh and mean! I feel like the word “ex” has so many negative connotations. My friends have started to delete his name in their phone. I ask them to not be so harsh. Its really unnecessary to choose sides. They’re very angry.


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