How are you feeling?


Hmm… that’s a very interesting question, kinda like the third culture kid question. Do you want the long version or the short version?

My friend and I were discussing exactly how I felt. As I said before “A hollow box… sound…” hahah~ But then he asked, do you mean empty and lost?

hmm, I don’t know. definitely not lost. Because I know what just happened. And its the end of that chapter in life.

Empty? well… like I’m hollow… but empty seems close to how I feel, yet doesn’t really describe it accurately enough. Can’t seem to find a word or expression for this.

He asked me if something’s missing?
But I said its more like something was ripped out. Its a physical feeling….

Kinda like a nervousness/stress feeling? in the stomach? but also in the chest? (maybe I’m just hungry, its past lunch, I need to get food)

So this feeling, is an empty-ish stable feeling? Which is weird. So I’m not lost, not completely empty, more like hollow, like something was just forcefully ripped from my grip. Yet I’m not lost and confused. I know exactly where I am, exactly what happened, and I have the comfort of knowing God and my friends and family and how loved and supported I am.

So… and empty and hollow stable feeling?!


One thought on “How are you feeling?

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