A new status?


Its strange, but I keep forgetting that we’re not dating anymore. And I keep forgetting that now… I’m single! 🙂

I think I need to slowly remember what single life was like. I used to enjoy it very much. I can’t believe that I’ve forgotten some of it now. I feel as though I need to transition back into it? Is that weird? I know what’s going on, so its not that I’m denying what reality or I’m unwilling to accept the break up. But I guess since I’m so used to the fact that I’m dating him, that’s always how I viewed myself, at least in the back of my head. So I’ve caught myself a few times having to remind myself that I’m not dating him anymore…

But when we were dating, I didn’t have to remind myself that we were dating… strange… or maybe I had to remind myself that I was no longer single anymore in the beginning, since going in either direction is a change.

I guess dating and singleness is a state of being. So its not always visible. You won’t forget where you’re working, because your eyes are open and you constantly see your surrounding and your environment. You won’t forget the temperature, because you immediately feel it and your body reacts to it, shivering or sweating. But “status” things are more like a state of  “being”. So its not something that you are reminded constantly, unless you grew up with it and that’s an intuitive thought. For example a person’s gender or their parents’ names, their own name, etc. A state of being is invisible, its not written all over the person’s face. For example, a US citizen and a UK citizen in the same clothes stand next to each other, or a rich man and a poor man, or a single man and a married man, we can’t tell the difference. (unless there are other cues, such as rings, clothes, hair, etc etc).

Perhaps that’s why sometimes we have trouble remembering new changes in our status and we need time to adjust, such as a new lifestyle, new citizenship (anyone naturalized lately?), single or dating.

Then that explains often why we forget that we have new identities in Christ! Cuz we can’t see it, since its a state of being. But that state of being changes who we are and our lives and our actions… completely.

This is a very strange phenomenon!

My friend says, “Welcome to the singles’ club. We welcome you with open arms~!”

Hahahah 🙂


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