A hollow box … sound

I feel… like a hollow box… strange. I’m at peace, yet there’s this hollowness feeling inside. I’m kinda scared of it. Because its slightly… dreary. Its not sad, nor anger, but its definitely not exuberant happiness either.

Don’t really know how to explain this. But the image that comes to mind is an empty metal box and it falling on a hard surface, and the sound it makes. or a hollow metal tube, and it hitting the ground, and that sound it makes.

THAT sound… is how I feel…

(how and why do I feel like a sound!?? weirdo…)

anyhow, just got a call from my mom! I love our long distance phone call plans. Its 11:50pm there. so she’s about to go to bed. She’s worried.

She tells me not to be too scared of that feeling, and to allow myself to feel it.

I think she’s right. Me being afraid to feel that “sound” is making me want to run and avoid and hide away. Which, I think, is causing a little bit of stress.

I need to focus and work…

But I can’t figure out how to put time stamps on these things!!!!


ok, I'll do it manually…

Time posted: 12:23pm



One thought on “A hollow box … sound

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